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IWF-Masters Preliminary Entry System

This is a list of answers to questions and scenarios that may be helpful for others. Additional questions and answers may appear as needed.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to the entry process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is it mandatory to register on this site?
  2. How does the 15/10 Kilo Rule work?
  3. How is my bodyweight category determined?
  4. How soon should I submit my entry?
  5. How do I make corrections to my submission?
  6. How does the ranking system work?

Is it mandatory to register on this site?

  1. My national federation requires that I register with them to compete in the Masters World Championships. Does that mean I don't have to submit a preliminary entry on this system?

    Answer: No, you still need to submit an entry here. Everyone who wishes to compete in the 2019 IWF Masters World Championships must submit an entry through this Preliminary Entry System. Everyone must personally affirm that their entry information is correct and that they understand the rules of the competition. There are absolutely no exceptions to this.

    How does the 15/10 Kilo Rule work?

  2. What is the purpose of the "special" 15/10 Kilo Rule for non-IWF meets?

    Answer: Entry totals made in "Other" meets are done without the requirement of doping control or international referees. The 15/10 Kilo Rule ensures that a lifter's total at the Masters World Championships can not be too far below their entry total—no more than 15 kg for men, and 10 kg for women.

  3. Is it possible to clarify how the 10/15 rule will be applied differently for those qualifying through 2018 worlds (entry total vs. qualifying total)?

    Answer: Yes, it's simple. If your entry total was made at the 2018 Masters World Championships or any of the 2018 Masters Continental Championships (Pan Ams, Europeans, Oceania), the 15/10 rule is applied to the qualifying total in your category. Otherwise—if your entry total was made in ANY other meet—the 15/10 rule is applied to your entry total.

  4. The Registration told me that in the M60, 81-kg category the qualifying total was 142, but my total at my qualifying meet was 180, and it said that my first snatch and c&j should add up to 165--Is that right?

    Answer: Yes, it's correct, because your qualifying meet was an "OTHER" meet, and not the IWF Masters World Championships or one of the Continental Championships. See "The 15/10 Kilo Rule" on the Rules and Procedures page.

    How is my bodyweight category determined?

  5. I competed in 2018 in the 77-kg category at Barcelona; I qualified for Montreal as a 73 or 81 with either total.

    Have any official weight correlations been set (i.e. 69 = 67, 77 = 73, etc.) or do the weights during weigh in at the qualifying meets automatically determine the weight class for Montreal? Therefore, would this mean I would be in the 81-kg category and would be required to complete in another qualifying meet in the 73-kg category to be eligible to compete as a 73 at Montreal besides declaring the change at the Verification of Final Entries meeting?

    Answer: The body weight recorded at the qualifying meet automatically determines the weight category for Montreal, so you would be categorized in the 81-kg category. You would have to declare a change in category at the Verification of Final Entries Meeting, unless you post a total in the 73-kg category at another meet before April 30 and submit that as your qualifying total.

  6. I don't know my exact bodyweight at my qualifying meet. How can I find it?

    Answer: Exact bodyweights for the 2018 IWF Masters meets (World and Continental Championships) are in the meet results linked on the "Weightlifter Entry Form" page. For "Other" qualifying meets, you will need to enter the bodyweight category limit if you don't know your exact bodyweight. (For example, if you qualified in the 69-kg category, you will need to enter "69.0" kg, unless you know your exact bodyweight at weigh-in.)

    How soon should I submit my entry?

  7. If I compete in another event prior to the registration cut-off date and produce a better total, will I be able to submit the new total to better my ranking?

    The system will allow changes up until the April 30 deadline, but they must be verified by your National Chair and submitted to IWF Masters. You need to find out from your National Chair if there will be any restrictions on the number or timing of revisions or re-submissions of entries.

  8. I have already made a qualifying total at a meet last year, but I'm planning to compete again before April 30. If I enter now, will I be able to change my entry total if I post a higher total before the deadline?

    Answer: When you submit an entry to the Preliminary Entry System, it will be sent to the National Chair for verification. (Note that you can enter and save the information, but refrain from submitting it.) After the Chair verifies the information, it can no longer be changed unless your Chair allows re-verification of revised entries. For that reason, you may want to refrain from submitting your entry until you have completed your final qualifying competition.

  9. My qualifying meet won't take place until April. Is it possible that all 800 spots will be taken by then, so I won't have any chance to enter?

    Answer: No. The ranking and selection process won't start until May 1, after the entry deadline, and after all preliminary entries have been received. Everyone who submits a preliminary entry by April 30 will have an equal opportunity to be selected.

  10. If I submit my preliminary entry right away, will I have a better chance to be selected to compete?

    Answer: No. Everyone who submits a preliminary entry by the deadline will have the same chance to be selected, because the ranking and selection will not be done until after the deadline has passed.

    How do I make corrections to my submission?

  11. What if I made a mistake in my submission and I want to correct it?

    Answer: Go to your Entry Status page and click on "Withdraw submission." Then click on "Click here to begin or edit your entry." You can then make the correction and re-submit it as you did before.

    How does the ranking system work?

  12. How will the ranking be done? Will it use SMF points?

    Answer: No, the ranking will not use SMF points at all. Please go to the Rules and Procedures page for a complete explanation of the ranking system.

  13. How high do I have to be ranked to be selected to compete?

    Answer: We don't know yet; this will depend on how many people enter. The four highest-ranked entrants in each age/bodyweight category are guaranteed to be selected.